Ah, another CAPTCHA for me to answer!

"A CAPTCHA is a program that can tell whether its user is a human or a computer. You've probably seen them — colorful images with distorted text at the bottom of Web registration forms. CAPTCHAs are used by many websites to prevent abuse from "bots," or automated programs usually written to generate spam. No computer program can read distorted text as well as humans can, so bots cannot navigate sites protected by CAPTCHAs."

Also, a Captcha is one hell of an annoyance when you, the user, are trying to get stuff done on a website. It won't be the first time that I have had to enter a Captcha code more than once to pass the "I'm no bot"-test. Here are some of the Captcha's that I've encountered:

starra? staddt? stadte? stafde? And don't get me started on the one on the right. 134 112?
the! And the other one is.... ointenci? dintenci? aintenci?

iffewom? defewom? ifferom? And stacked!

flames! And lergypi. Or 1er8ypi. Or lengypi.

connected! And esomgr. Or e8crogr, Or esqogr...

1896. Or (1896)... and kessop?

elowngt? which?

erBIbu? erBUjli? And how am I supposed to enter no3?

[Searsport, ? overywde?

rstedci? was!

2, I guess! ISToma? ISTbina?
This entry has been in my unpublished list for some time and I would've written a little longer rant about this (and I probably will some day) along with much better alternatives. But for now project Stiltwalker will probably keep you amused for some time. Make sure you watch the video.

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