Get rid of that annoying clientsfromhell.net popup!

I love a chuckle now and then and Clients From Hell provides just that. It has done so for a long time. But for some time now it has been nagging me (and everyone) with some stupid popup that you can close but, at best, for 30 days before it starts nagging again.

Stupid Clients From Hell nagging popup
Luckily, it stores this information in a cookie which is set to expire after 30 days. So if we simply ensure the cookie expires "a little later" we won't see that popup for a long(er) time. To do this, simply open your javascript console (usually by hitting F12) and paste the following code:

$.cookie("mypopupseen",'1',{expires: 9999, path: "/"});

This will set the cookie "mypopupseen" to "1" (meaning "yes, the popup has been seen") and making it expire 9999 days from today (which is, at the time of writing, sometime by 2041). By that time we'll all have survived Y2K38 and/or probably cleared our cookies by then sometime too (or switched to another browser). Whichever happens first, the annoying popup will be gone for longer than 30 days. Yay!

Paste the code in your javascript console and hit enter. Buh bye nagging popup!
That is... until clientsfromhell.net discovers this blogpost and renames the cookie or uses another way of achieving the same annoying effect...

Don't get me wrong; I do understand that we're the product and some profit has to be made to keep the site up-and-running, hosted and updated regularly with new stories. But there are other, better, ways of nagging persuading people to help out a little.

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