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Udemy is having one of their sales and a lot of the courses seemed interesting for my kids, my wife or myself. We always use our separate accounts and keep them to ourselves. For everything. However, since I couldn't find any information on family-sharing (as you can with, say, Steam for example) I purchased some courses on my account and decided to share my account with my family (thanks LastPass for making that easy!).

After purchasing a few courses for, still, quite some money, even though they're over 80% to 90% off currently) I thought I'd better check with Udemy on their policy of sharing. A lot of what I could find online was sharing among "friends" and "on your own risk". I totally understand, and respect, Udemy requiring adults to purchase their courses under their own accounts. This is not about pirating or trying to find the limits or what is allowed and what isn't. I could explain further but I hope my support question I sent to Udemy tells the rest of the story:



We are a family eager to learn stuff. This weeks Udemy promotion prompted me to purchase a number of courses with the intent to learn as a family. One of my sons is very much into drawing, design etc, the other son is into cooking. My wife is into crypto currency and trading and I am into software development.

I usually create seperate accounts for everyone but because I would also like to learn about crypto and my wife would also like to learn some cooking and one of my sons also likes to program and create games I have purchased all these courses on my account since I couldn't find a family-sharing option, even after digging through all your support articles.

As long as the content is exclusively shared in our own home (single IP), for family members (me, wife and both sons), I assume there's no problem in sharing the account? If it is, then please advise on how to proceed. Ideally I would like to be able to keep the purchased content accessible to all of our family members. If it is not: just as a precaution: will your system flag us when two or maybe even three family members are consuming content? What will happen? Would we need to coordinate among our family members who watches what when?

With kind regards,


Then the wait began, but it wasn't long (less than 24h, great work Udemy!) until I got my answer, and I couldn't be more delighted:

Hi Rob,

Thanks for reaching us,

We usually recommend each user have their own personal credential but sharing the account with your family will not affect anything.

You and your family members are able to watch your courses at the same time and there is no limit of "screens" that you can use.

So feel free to watch your courses under the same account, you don't need to worry about anything

Best wishes,
<Redacted Udemy support staff member>

So there you have it. It may not be documented on their website but Udemy doesn't mind you sharing courses with family members. Now, let's keep it that way by not abusing this!

Thanks Udemy!

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  1. Dank voor deze post, ik vroeg me net inderdaad hetzelfde af omdat ik voor mezelf 2 “opleidingen” in Muziek productie heb gekocht maar m’n tienerdochter ook ineens aangaf dit te willen leren. Goed te weten dat we dan niet gevlagd worden oid.