Wemos D1 Mini won't write?

Ok, this is a short one. On a few occasions when I'm trying to write a Wemos D1 Mini, no matter what I try, it won't write. Since I've "fixed" this on many occasion but I keep forgetting how I'm actually writing it down now so next time I won't have to scratch my head for so long. It's simple...

Wemos D1 mini pinout

Simply connect pin D3 to ground. No need to disconnect it during flashing / uploading. Just keep it connected to ground. When done flashing / uploading, disconnect and press the reset button. Voila. Now you know (too).

Another "one of those things" is that the CH34x driver  doesn't work when updated to the latest version (currently v3.8). Version v3.5 seems to work reliably.

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